FAST CASH                                  

Call us: 918-427-1113 (Roland) or 918-436-8113 (Pocola)

About Us

How our loans work:


Call us first to see what documetation we'll need.  We usually need the following:

  • Your most recent paystub
  • Your most recent bank statement (all pages)
  • Your drivers license and Social Security card
  • A phone or utility bill in your name
  • A personal check

Come in and fill out a short application.  Once approved, you'll write us a check for the amount that you are borrowing plus our fee (see our "fee" page for a list of our fees).  We'll then write you a check which can be cashed at our bank.  The entire process usually takes about 10 minutes. 

Your loan is due on your next payday.  At that time, you simply come in, pay cash, and pick up your check.